• 当施設では、お客さまに安心してご利用いただけるよう、退室時に全客室をアルコール消毒や充分な換気など平常時とは異なる特別な清掃の実施や、


Reception Hours 12:00PM-20:30PM|Open Hours 12:00PM-1:00AM

Please make sure to complete payment at the time of booking at our front desk.

Body care course

Most popular course – to help release the tension of your muscle
It is to help release your tiredness and make your body tender.
For those who wants to release muscle tension around shoulders, neck, waist and feet.

60min / 6,500YEN
90min / 9,500YEN
120min / 12,500YEN

Body care + foot massage

For the first 30 minutes, we will apply body oil from your legs to your feet.
It is a popular course to boost your blood circulation.
Highly recommended for who has cold hands and feet
Apply body oil from legs to feet
The remaining 30 minutes, we will release all your muscle and help to relax your body

60min / 7,500YEN
90min / 10,500YEN
120min / 13,500YEN

Please be noted of the following

In situation where we cannot offer the service
For the situations below, we are not able to offer the body care service.

For the guests below, we are not able to offer the body care service.
guests who are in extremely bad health condition
guests who have heart or lung diseases
guests who have fever
guests who have skin problems
broken bone or bone dislocation
right after a surgery
after alchhol intake
pregnant guests

the situation we cannot offer service
skin inflections
skin suppuration
skin injuries
surgical implement in the body

Please check below before having massage
If you have allergy of medicine, hight pressure, period, alchhol intake, or being pregnant and breast-feeding, sensitive skin, had big surgeries before, please let us know beforehand. Depend on your body condition, there may be possibility we are not able to provide massage.
If you had too much food or you did not eat anything or you have been drinking alchhol, a massage may not be good for your body.
If you feel any uncomfortableness during the massage, please let the massage therapist know asap.

Other things to be noted
Please take care of your own belongings, we are not responsible for any personal belonging loss.