Our three core concepts

We want to have our guests experience the comfortableness at home while traveling, the main purpose of our three concepts


HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA is not a full-serviced hotel, but a condominium space where guest’s staying experiece is the most valued.

We provide “warm-hearted services” to make sure staying with us exceptional.

We apply a friendly self check-in service, provide a food delivery service if you would like to use the kitchen in the room *(fee charged), and also for long-term stay, there is a coin laundry for washing clothing.

We spend more time connecting with local communities and with our guests.
Emphasize on providing the most friendly service to our customers.

But of course, we won’t bother anyone who would like a more private and quieter stay.
We respect everyone’s privacy and let our customers feel the comfortableness at home.

We want our guests to feel that as if they were invited by the friends from Okinawa, to make the stay feel like home.

As the staff of HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA, we always want to make friends with each guest that we encounter, no matter where you are from.


We started this hotel in Okinawa, Uruma Ishikawa, with the ideal of conveying “Experiencing Okinawa’s lifestyle”.

HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA always keep the common space open for local people and neighbors use, to connenct with the high-end neighborhood where American military is based in Okinawa.

You can enjoy a great time in our bar space, having a drink, or walking barefoot in the botanic garden where children running through, or soaked in the relaxing atmosphere with the sound of sea tides.

In HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA, local people and visitors can talk freely and share each other’s life experiences naturally and spontaneously.


As diverse as it is, there are many creative people in Uruma.
HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA intend to share and convey the cultural information with everyone in the community.

To make our guests have a more casual and relaxing time in Okinawa, we make connections and coordinate with local independent shops to provide all kinds of activities and experiences.

We use some retro furnitures left by the American army in the 60s, to express a sense of retro and generation change.

To distinguish ourselves from the capitalism of gigantic hotel enterprises, we strive to be independent and create our own “Standard Life Style”.