To ensure the public and safety aspects of our facility, guests must adhere to the following rules.
Failure to comply may result in denial of access to the facility.

No Smoking

Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in rooms and balconies.
A fee of 30,000 yen will be charged for cleaning and deodorizing if smoking is detected.
Please use the designated smoking areas outside.

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out at 10:00.
For early check-in (13:00) or late check-out (until 12:00), an additional fee of 5,000 yen applies, subject to availability.

Entrance Locking Hours

The automatic doors at the entrance are locked from 21:00 to 8:00 AM.
Please remember the entrance code when going out.

Front Desk Hours

8:00 AM to 21:00.
The front desk staff may be absent even during these hours.
In emergencies, contact 08064943485.
For check-outs before 8:00 AM, please leave as is.
The intercom in the room connects directly to the front desk during operating hours (staff absence is possible).

Arrangements for Business Services

Additional charges may apply for arranging external service providers not affiliated with the hotel.
Please inquire for more details.


For towel exchange, please bring them to the front desk.

Beach Towels

Available at the front desk. Bringing them into the rooms is prohibited.


Paid cleaning services are available during your stay.

For trash disposal, bring it to the front desk for a new bag.
Please request at the front desk.

Other Services

For details, please refer to the separate sheet.
Services like activities are also available.

About the Use of the Pool


Pool Usage Guidelines

  • Before entering the pool, please shower, wash thoroughly, and do warm-up exercises.
  • Swimming is prohibited for those with infectious diseases, under doctor’s orders not to swim, intoxicated, or unwell.
  • The deepest part of the pool is 120cm.
  • Please swim according to your height and ability, and do not run on the slippery poolside.
  • Be careful of your footing. Check instructions before using rental toys.
  • After swimming, wash your eyes, gargle, and shower.
  • Manage your valuables personally.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas, including the lobby and restrooms.
  • Use designated smoking areas.

Pool Prohibitions

  • Do not enter the pool in non-swimwear (except rash guards).
  • Do not bring items that can break or fall into the pool, such as towels, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, diving masks, glass, or plastic products (excluding swimming goggles).
  • No eating or drinking (including gum and candy) in the pool. Refrain from swimming with sun oil, sunscreen, or makeup. Do not touch the drain or suction outlets.
  • Do not leave unused floaties in the pool.
  • Diving or jumping is strictly prohibited.
  • No jumping in with floaties or boarding boats from the poolside.
  • Do not pretend to drown or dive.

Guidelines for Guests with Children

  • Children must swim with an adult guardian (middle school children and younger require accompaniment).
  • Guardians must supervise children at all times, especially when using floaties or during waves.
  • Children elementary school age and younger should wear life jackets or helpers.
  • Guardians must ensure the correct size and fit of life jackets. Do not let children play on the stairs.
  • Young children should wear swim diapers. Diapers alone are not permitted in the pool.

Other Notes

  • Follow hotel staff instructions in the pool.
  • Report accidents or incidents immediately to the staff.
  • Avoid behavior that disturbs others or disrupts public morals.
  • Failure to follow staff instructions may result in being asked to leave.
  • Swim according to your physical condition and ability.
  • The hotel is not responsible for accidents or theft due to guest negligence.

In the hotel, please refrain from bringing in the following items or engaging in behaviors that may disturb other guests

  • Do not smoke in bed or any place prone to fire hazards, except in designated smoking areas.
  • Upon arrival, immediately check the emergency exit map on the back of the room door.
  • Avoid loud singing, boisterous behavior, or anything that may disturb other guests.
    • Do not bring into the corridors or rooms:
    • Pets (except assistance dogs and in pet rooms).
    • Explosives, volatile oils, or anything flammable or combustible.
    • Items with a strong odor.
    • Illegal items like guns, swords, or drugs.
  • Refrain from gambling, disorderly behavior, or actions that disturb others.
  • Do not distribute advertising materials, sell items, or solicit.
  • Use mobile phones considerately to avoid annoying others.
  • Do not attach anything to or alter the building or facilities.
  • Do not remove or move items from the room or within the facility.
  • If you damage or lose any facility equipment or amenities, you will bear the full cost of replacement, repair, and associated labor and shipping costs.
  • Follow instructions for waste separation.
  • Do not invite outside guests to use the facilities or items in the room.
  • If extending your stay, please pay for the original booking before extending.