Mural by Saïd Kinos

We invited the artist Saïd Kinos from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

In February 2020, he created an artwork on the wall facing the parking lot, approximately 9 meters high.

I am grateful to HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA for inviting me to this project.
It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever painted.
Thank you to Okinawa. It is a wonderful place.

Saïd Kinos



Saïd Kinos (born 1988) is an artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. His work is fascinated by the way people communicate with each other. Language, symbols, and communication through (social media) media are one of the main sources of inspiration for his work. With a background in graffiti and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Saïd has developed a strong passion for typography and other forms of visual communication.