In order to maintain the public nature and safety of the facility, all visitors to the facility are required to abide by the following rules and regulations.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in denial of use of the facility.

No smoking

No smoking in the room or balcony. including Electronic Cigarette.
If smoked in the room or balcony, please note 30,000 yen will be charged as cleaning and deodorize fee
Please smoke in the designated smorking area.

Check in / Check out

Check in time is 15:00. Check out time is 10:00.
Please let our staff know if you have any requirement
Early check in fee 5000 yen(From 13:00 )
Late check out fee 5000 yen(until 12:00 pm)
Please understand early check in and late check out services may not available due to booking condition.

Entrance Open Hours

The auto door of Entrance will be locked between 21:00-8:00am next day.
Please use your Entrance password if you would like to go out after 21pm when auto door of Entrance is locked

Reception Open Hours

8:00am to 21:00pm
Hotel staff may not available at reception during reception hour
If there’s Emergency case, please call 080 6494 3485
Hotel staff may not available at reception if you check out before 8:00am, just close the door and self check out will be fine.
The phone in your room connects directly to the front desk, please use it during reception open hours
Apology that if hotel staff may not able to answer the phone sometimes.

Pool / Garden Open Hours

9:00am to 21:00pm
Winter Time (from October to March) we open the pool during winter time as well.

Cafe / Bar Open Hours

15:00pm to 21:00pm
If you would like some coffee in the morning, you can order it from the front desk reception.

Breakfast Service

For more details please refer to our pamphlet
Reserve a breakfast: please let us know and make a reservation if you want to have breakfast by 4PM (16:00) one day before.
We are off on Wednesdays

Arranging for Outside Services

Please note that additional fees will be incurred when using outside vendors other than those affiliated with the hotel.
Please contact us for details.


To exchange for a new towel, please bring the used one to the front desk so we can change a new one for you.

Beach Towel

We prepare beach towels at the front desk, please do not bring beach twoels back to your room.

Supply Rental

Hot pot, coffee maker, iron, iron board, baby bathtub, baby cart, bassinet
If needed, please let our front desk staff know.
The number of supply rental is limited, there may be cases that the thing you want to rent has been rented out.

Brief cleaning

House keeping services during your stay needs to charge for extra.
Please inform our front desk if you require for house keeping services.


If your garbage is full please take it to the front desk, we will provide you a new garbage bag.

Other services

For more details please refer to our pamphlet
Activities and massage services are also available.



【General Rules】
・Make sure to take a shower before entering the pool.
・Refrain from using the pool if you have contagious diseases or after alcohol intake or when you are not feeling well.
・The pool can get as deep as the height of 120cm.
・Make sure to check how deep the pool is and to use the pool based on your height and weight.
・Do not run on the pool side as it is very dangerous.
・Watch your step when walking along the pool.
・Make sure to follow the instructions on the rental equipment.
・Take a thorough shower all over your body including your eyes after using the pool.
・Please take care of your personal belongings, the hotel is not responsible for any missing personal belongings.
・No smoking inside the property including the lobby and bathrooms.
・Please only smoke at the designated location.
【Refrain from doing the below】
・Please do not wear anything other than swim wears in the pool, however, a rash guard is okay.
・Please do not bring towel, slippery stuff, sunglasses, diving masks, glass, and plastic stuff (except goggles) to the pool in case of causing dangerous situation.
・Please do not eat gums while using the pool.
・Please refrain from using the pool when you have sun cream and sun oil on the body.
・Please do not touch on the drain port as it is dangerous.
・Please do not leave your swim equipment in the pool when not using.
・Please do not run and jump in the pool as it is very dangerous.
・Please do not hold a pool ring and jump into the pool, nor using a pool ring to slide into the pool.
・Please do not perform fake-drowning as it will mislead the lifeguard and it is very dangerous.
【If you have children with you, please note below】
・Children are not allowed to swim alone without an adult. Children under 13 year-old are not allowed to enter without an adult.
・Please keep an eye on your children when using the pool, especially when they are using a pool ring, there may be some waves, please be careful.
・Children under 12 year-old have to wear life jackets or a helper wear.
・Please help your children to make sure the life jacket’s size is suitable and help them to wear it correctly.
・Please do not play around the stairs area.
・Please have your small children wear pants when using the pool.
・Nappies are not allowed in the pool.
【Other Rules】
・Please follow the on-site hotel staff’s instructions when using the pool.
・Please inform the on-site hotel staff immediately when you see an accident.
・Please do not disturb other people or causing public harassment when using the pool.
・In case of not following the hotel staff’s instructions, you may be asked to leave the pool.
・Please make sure you use the pool in a healthy and good body condition.
・The hotel is not responsible for watching any guest’s personal belongings, and is not responsible for any missing personal belongings.