Notice for the contruction of the Artwork

Notice for the contruction of the Artwork

In February 2020 (tentatively scheduled for 4th to 11th), HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA will host the Rotterdam-based Dutch artist Saïd Kinos (Saheed Kinos) to create an artwork on the parking lot side wall, approximately 9 meters high.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Saïd is an artist rooted in language and symbols. After earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, he devoted himself to typography and other forms of visual communication.

During the artwork period, you can enjoy watching a global-level artist at work. Saïd is approachable for autographs, so feel free to visit and communicate with him.

Please note that during daytime hours, there might be noise from heavy machinery. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Also, please be careful not to enter the range of the machinery’s arms.

Reservations for the period from February 4th to 11th, 2020, are challenging to secure, but there are still some available rooms.

Please make your reservations early.

1920 1280 Hideout Okinawa Uruma